The interior designs for small or large installations

Our company offers custom designs by qualified experts under the leadership of Dipl. Ing. Designer AR Roohnikan.

We will come to your place (eg your hotel) to get an idea of space. Our team leader has over 30 years experience in the field of individual means.
The designer A. R. Roohnikan be present at any such act.

The eastern interior carpets refer to classical, modern and Moorish styles that fit the atmosphere of the rooms individually.
Our ideas of interior design is to maximize your space.

We will tell you how to give a creative life to your furniture, give suggestions for every room and show rooms decorated in different styles.
We also teach design ideas interior lighting and lamps, textiles, wood and bamboo.

The carpets unfold their effect everywhere, where rest and relaxation come, where guests receive and discussions focused carried out

Some examples: