Reparation of oriental Carpets

An authentic oriental carpet has a breath-taking working life and accompanies generations under different conditions.

Even though with an oriental carpet, weak spots as fringes or the links at the side can be worn out. The carpet can be attacked by irregular surface deterioration or sharp objects or even by moth infestation.

No matter which misfortune has been brought to your carpet, we as an experienced company are the right contact for you. Our reparation service treats your carpet with original materials according to the traditional way.

For any other requirement of reparations like infestation of moths or holes, please send us a photo of the area which should be repaired. You will receive from us afterwards a non binding estimate.

We are specialized in:

Restoration of old, antique and new carpets with preservation of the originality, amongst with expertly restoration of Kelims, Soumaks and tapestry (Gobelins, Aubusson). Old stains on the carpet and discolouration will also be removed carefully for the frays.

To maintain the value of the oriental carpet, all damages should be restored by an expert immediately. Lopping the frays and bordering the carpet edge forms part of the daily-work of a carpet repair expert.