Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

Well maintained carpets are very durable due to the materials used (new wool or synthetic fibre).

To air the carpet and avoid uneven wear and tear (tender spots) it should regularly be turned.

Dirt should be removed at once, as it would otherwise affect colours and material. Life span could especially be shortened by sand (rubbin), moisture (mould) and insect pest.

Usually regular vacuum cleaning is sufficient. You should not be worried about little loose fibres. On new carpets these fibres are left over the shearing: otherwise this is a reaction to normal use.


Spot are be treated immediately

Leftovers or dirt on the surface are to be removed first using the back of a knife.

Do not use aggressive detergents to avoid discolouration.

Soak off liquids before drying and treat them with lukewarm water (if necessary add a little bit of mild detergent), e. g. blood, drinks, white of an egg, coffee, cocoa, milk mouldy spots, starchy food.

Dirt caused by oil must be soaked off immediately and treated with a commercial stain remover (dosage must be observed), e. g. paint, fruits, oil, fat, chewing gum, soot, gravy, shoe polish.

Candle wax should first cool off. Then remove carefully and absorb the rest using a blotting paper and an iron (low temperature).